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Your USP

Don’t Waste Your Money On Marketing Without This


You know that sick feeling you got as a kid, waiting for the team captain to pick you; to call your name? I know it well. When it came to sports I was always chosen last or near last.

As a business owner, you face a similar scenario every day – waiting for customers to choose you. After all, are you the only business in your city doing what you do? Are you the only attorney, realtor, referral agency, content writer, printer, care home, or…? I didn’t think so.

Pick me, pick me, pick me! Why?

“Why should I pick you?” your customer thinks. “How are you different than the guy down the street in helping me solve my problem?”

Your answer to this question = 

Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Don’t Do Marketing Without It 

Your USP clearly differentiates you from your competitors. It identifies the one thing you can offer or are willing to offer.

Your Business Needs a USP 

Having a strong USP will make marketing and selling your product or service easier. The more crowded your industry, the more important a USP.

Finding your USP starts with your prospective customer. The job they’re trying to do. The problem they need to solve.

Dan S. Kennedy is an author, strategic business advisor, consultant, and sought-after copywriter. He suggests businesses ask themselves these questions to find their USP.

  1. What specifically do I do that’s truly different compared to competitors?
  2. How do I uniquely benefit my target Market?
  3. Can I niche my target market in a way nobody else can or will?
  4. The opportunity gap. What void in the marketplace can I fulfill?
  5. Can I add personality in a way nobody else can?
  6. Can I offer a superior guarantee?
  7. Can I deliver my product or service with exceptional speed or in a different way?
  8. What do people hate about businesses in my category that I have the power to fix?
  9. Can I offer some kind of pricing advantage over competition?
  10. What kind of special experience can I offer my customers?

No USP Yet?

Marketing is a waste of money without one. Your collateral, brochures, website, and ads will end up saying nothing unique. You’ll end up sounding exactly like every other tinker, tailor, and candlestick maker. (If you know your nursery rhymes, you know what happened to them.)


Getting chosen last is no fun. Not when you’re a kid waiting to hear your name called. Not when you’re a business owner waiting for customer calls. Know what you bring to the game and get picked – over and over again.

Need Help With Your USP?

Get help defining your USP. Sign up for a Complimentary 1-Hour Strategy Consultation. We’ll work together to identify your unique selling proposition.

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Help Customers Understand

Are You Losing Customers Because
They Just Don't Get It?

Have you ever tried explaining something to someone and their eyes glazed over? You know they quit listening and didn’t “get it.”

Perhaps your companion wasn’t interested in the subject. Possibly, they didn’t see any value about how it related to their life. Maybe the subject matter was too technical; she didn’t have a frame of reference. Or (heaven forbid) it could be your delivery. ☹

You Can't Risk Customers Not "Getting It"

As a business owner, you can’t afford having customers not understand what you do. You need to communicate so they “get it” – in a way that’s:

  • Understandable in layman’s terms.
  • Personally valuable.
  • Engaging and appealing.

Explainer Videos to the Rescue

Explainer videos do just that. They explain. Explainer videos are short, animated videos presenting your services and products in quick, understandable ways. They show customers how you help them and they communicate the unique value you provide.

Using lively animation, moving graphics, concise language, and music, explainer videos engage attention. 

Three Types of Animated Explainer Videos

Animated Characters - These videos often tell a story. The “cartoon” characters can represent your customer, their struggle, and the solutions you provide for solving their problem. These explainer videos use the basic elements of traditional storytelling: a person, with a problem, finding a solution, and finally living happily ever after.

Infographic Style – This type of video visually presents numerical information with animated charts and graphs. Complex material like, ratios, percentages, time, and portions are simplified. 

Whiteboard Animations – In these videos we watch a hand draw a story while it’s being narrated. Simple black line drawings on a white background come to life before your eyes.

Check out this week’s Explainer Video example 

3 Ways to Drive ROI with Videos


Your Take-Away

The next time you’re explaining something to a customer, consider if a video would help. Like most experts, you probably get asked the same questions over and over. List the top four things customers always ask. These topics would probably make great explainer videos.

Need Help?

Need help deciding which Explainer Video style is right for your business? If you don’t already have a video strategy, it’s time to get one.

Schedule a Complimentary Call with me today.

Video Testimonials Super Power

Video Testimonials - Your Businesses Super Power

Last week, a successful business owner I admire, highly recommended a “must read” book. Immediately, I hopped on Amazon to buy it. But before hitting the       1-Click Buy button, I started reading the reviews. Was this really a book I absolutely needed, had to have, couldn’t live without?

And that, my friends, is how business is done today. Your business hinges on reviews and testimonials.

Testimonials Increase Your Credibility

Testimonials and reviews are deciding factors when customers make buying decisions.   We’re influenced by the opinions of others. Testimonials equal revenue.

Testimonials Bolster Personal Referrals

Does the bulk of your business come from personal referrals? Great!

You still need testimonials. Your potential clients read and listen to what others have to say. They make sure you’re the right match for them.

Research shows:

  • 90% of consumers admit they’re influenced by online reviews and testimonials.
  • 39% of consumers said they read reviews on a regular basis to determine whether a local business is a good business.
  • 85% of consumers said they read up to 10 reviews before feeling they can trust a business.

 All Testimonials Are Not Created Equal 

Good - Better - Best - Compare the Difference

Good: Plain Text Testimonials

Do your clients send rave emails and kind thank you notes? Do you copy and paste those words of praise to your website? Like this? Good.

Christy Turner

"The video Sande made for my business is generating a 74% conversion rate."

Better: Image + Text Testimonials

Improve the credibility factor of your testimonials. Enhance the text by adding real faces of real customers. Seeing a photo of real faces is scientifically proven to increase empathy. If possible, show a real person using your service or product. A photo of someone in action is better than a posed still shot.

"The videos Sande made for our Holiday Sale drove lots of traffic to my website landing page."

Austin Mellinger - Steeltech Mailboxes

Best: Engaging Video Testimonials

Use video testimonials for maximum credibility. They’re far more convincing.

Video is hard to fake. Video is real and engrossing. Your potential customers will relate to the real people they’re watching on screen.

So which testimonial did you relate to? Good, Better or Best?


Customers make decisions based on what others say. Your happy clients are your biggest sales force. If you’re not using their words of praise, you’re losing money.

Video testimonials are your hot opportunity to increase revenue.

Now It's Your Turn

So start snapping! How many pictures and quotes can you get in the next 15 days? Let me know. 

Psst… I think there’s a prize coming…

Share in the comments below how you collect testimonials from your happy clients. What are you doing with them?

Two More Video Samples

Show Way With Video

Get Your Customer to Say Yes – 

Show The Way With Video

Imagine your customer standing on the edge of a rushing stream. He desperately needs to get to the other side. Then he meets you; the person with the solution. You’ve arrived just in time to help. You promise to make life easier.

But if you don’t tell him the next step to take…he’ll probably turn back and keep looking for other solutions.


Because your client won’t act if she’s confused in any way. If she hesitates to think about what to do next, she’ll do nothing. Without a clear process your customer remains confused and mentally “checks out.”

It’s your job to make it clear how you help her – step by step. You must take the guesswork out of her next step.

Use a Video to Show Next Steps

Using video can quickly and easily show your customer the steps in doing business with you. He’ll see the process, know what to expect, see how it works, and how you get him from point A (problem) to point B (happy).

A Video Encourages Customers to Do Business With You 

Videos are visual. Our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text. And 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. You can read more here, Humans Process Visual Data Better

You’ve heard the saying; A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. According to Dr. James L. McQuivey, “If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth 1.8 million words.”  You can read his Forrester study here, How Video Will Take Over the World.

Videos are emotional. We know consumers buy on emotion and justify their purchase with logic. That’s why advertising companies strive to ensure commercials do one thing: evoke emotion.

Music and images experienced together in a video can create strong emotional response. Our brains are hardwired to mimic the visual input we see. You smile at someone and they smile back. Theater goers see a smiling face fill the screen and they smile too. Combining the right music with visual images ramps up the emotion.


Create simple, short videos showing your customers the steps you take to help them. Whether you use real customer pictures, stock photos, animations, or live video doesn’t matter. Just make sure you’re using video.

Examples: See how these companies use video in making their process clear and simple.

What are the steps you take in helping your customers or clients? Please share your thoughts or questions below.

Use Video to Get New Leads

Is 2018 The Year You Use Video to Get New Leads?

Easy Ways to Add Video to Marketing

Leads, leads, leads. Every business needs new leads. Even if you’re super busy right now, you know that could change at any time. Keeping your name out there is an ongoing business marketing activity. To keep your pipeline flowing, use video to get new leads.

But, if you’re like most small businesses, you already struggle to keep up with writing articles and adding content to your website. Plus staying active on social media.

Now everyone’s talking about video!

“I don’t have time to create videos!” you say.

You’re also thinking, “Isn’t video expensive? Do I have to learn new software programs? Will I need fancy, expensive equipment?”

Bottom line – it doesn’t matter if you answered “yes” to all those questions. By this time next year, video is expected to claim at least 80% of all web traffic. If you want an online presence, you’ll add video to your marketing plan. Videos get your message across faster. Research shows that people are more interested in watching a video than reading.

If your business is local, word of mouth referral, do you still need video? Yes. Clients referred to you by a friend or professional still check out your website. Your website is your brochure. It's your chance to introduce yourself, begin a new customer relationship, or explain how your business works to help them.

The good news is video doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t have to take a lot of extra time. You won’t have to buy and learn a lot of new software programs. And, you don’t need fancy, expensive equipment.

3 easy ways to add video to your marketing

Use your cell phone and a few low-cost or free apps to create engaging videos. Videos can be done on-the-fly. You no longer need in-studio, television type video. In fact, people seem to prefer seeing the “real” stuff.

1. Testimonial videos are especially appealing in this style. They’re more believable and genuine. A quick testimonial video can go on social media, your website, or in an email. A testimonial video is powerful in getting new leads. 

Here's a sample testimonial video my mom and I did for Cascade Summit. I used an iPhone and drag-drop marketing app by Animoto.

2. Event videos are another way to easily intrigue new potential customers. Whenever you or your team attend an event -community, networking, fund raiser, guest speaking - snap a few pictures. Compile them into a simple slideshow, add some music, add simple text captions and voila! You have a marketing video that gets new leads and builds relationship.

Here's a sample event video I used an iPhone and drag-drop slideshow app by Animoto.

Potential customers see you’re a real person, engaged and supporting the community. You can post your video on social media, use it as an ad, include it in a blog post, or use it on a landing page with a call to action.

3. Try a day-in-the-life video. Use your phone to film short clips of your staff answering a question. The question can be about their job, the company, a holiday, a product, their pet, etc. Snap a few still shots. Compile the short clips and stills into a simple slideshow making app. Then add music, some text and…you’ll have a video that gets new leads.

Start getting new leads with video in 2018

If you haven’t included video in you marketing strategy, now’s the time. Keep new leads flowing in with video. Convert new leads to customers with video, and keep your customers engaged with video. It’s not too late – yet.

How are you using videos in your business? What struggles or questions do you have? I'd love to hear - please comment below.